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We established the company in 2007 and it incorporates our three small family run Boutique Hotels.

Toravaig Hotel

Toravaig Hotel

Winner of Scottish Island Hotel of the year many times.


Skeabost Hotel

Skeabost Hotel

4 star luxury hotel near Portree on the Isle of Skye.


Skye Weddings

Skye Weddings

Wedding packages & planning services on the Isle of Skye.


Captain's Folly

Captain Folly

Luxury self catering apartment accommodation in Oban.


5 things you didn’t know about Duisdale House Hotel

Duisdail - "the misty dale or glen" and if you ever been at Duisdale House Hotel, you will understand why.


Duisdale Front View Postcard - Unknown Owner

1 - What does the word Duisdale stand for?

Duisdale, or should we say Duisdail, isn’t actually just the name of our hotel, but also the name of the township the hotel is located. Going back into the past townships were more like “crofting settlements” and there were several of them around Duisdale’s location. Despite Duisdale is the only one to still keep this division in modern times. So what does the word Duisdale or Duisdail (Gaelic) stand for? It stands for "the misty dale or glen" and if you ever been at Duisdale House Hotel, you will understand why.

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Duisdale Front View Postcard - Unknown Owner

2 – Was there anything before Duisdale?

Duisdale – Divided between Duisdale Beag and Duisdale Mòr had 15 crofts. Four crofts from Duisdale Mòr were cleared in 1867 to make a way for Duisdale House. After Duisdale House was built, they continued the tradition of “crofting”, gardening and suppling their house with as much home produce as they could. Most of the gardens are now full of flowers and trees, but the hotel is currently working on the ongoing project of bringing the produce back. Our chefs are very happy to grow their own herbs, vegetables and fruit. There is a plan for extending the poly-tunnel being built at Duisdale soon.

Duisdale garden postcard

Duisdale Gardens Postcard - Unknown Owner

3 – When was the hotel built?

The construction work started in 1867 to make way for Duisdale House. The hotel was built for Lachlan MacKinnon (Read more) founder of the Melbourne Argus and son of the Rev John MacKinnon, minister of Strath. MacKinnon had eventually decided to retire to England to enjoy the pleasures of English country life. He has never forgotten his estate at Duisdale and often visited Skye while offering hospitality on a grand scale.

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Duisdale Kitchen – Ref.:

4 – What was the role of Duisdale House during the Second World War?

Soon after turning the house into the hotel in 1933 the dark times of the Second War arrived. The hotel was requisitioned by the navy in the Second World War and used as their base until 1947. Interesting is that the soldiers would keep the watch at the loch from room 11 (the top of the building) to keep an eye on the German submarines cruising around this part of Scotland.

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Duisdale Loch View

5 – What is Talla Dhuisdeil

Talla Dhuisdeil used to be a mission church (St Columba Church) and it was built using the same stone as Duisdale House. The church was opened in 1901 and a “time capsule” was placed with a memorial stone in the wall of the church. This consisted of a bottle containing records of fundraising, a newspaper cutting, church magazine pages and a coin of every denomination dated 1898 the year when the appeal for funds to build a church was launched. The church continued in use until it was closed in the 1970’s.

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Talla Dhuisdeil

Jakub Bors - Group Operations & PR Manager - 05/12/2016

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